I am so sorry everyone. My life has been ridiculous lately and I have absolutely no time to rp anymore. I started to think about resigning to but I guess it looks like I won’t have to. It’s for the best. Hey, now someone else can have a chance to be Nel, that opens up a whole new world for interpretation!

I’m going to keep this blog for sentiments sake, but I’ve removed the affiliation. If you rp with Bleach RP Central I ask that you unfollow me to avoid any confusion.

Thank you all for everything you’ve done for me and I’m very sorry if I’ve let anyone down. I’d like to come back once my life has calmed, maybe not as Nel, but I’d like to come back.

Thanks again and goodbye.


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“Nel-chan!” She called ahead, cupping a slender hand around the side of her mouth as she attempted to speak coherently through her ragged breathing. It’d been hours since they’d first arrived, and much to her chagrin, Orihime found herself nearly completely depleted of energy. After having run nonstop from the moment she first set foot in the clearing just beyond Karakura’s city limits, the healer felt as though her legs might turn to jelly beneath her if she weren’t careful enough.

The only thing that had kept Orihime motivated were both the prospect of increasing her endurance training; but moreso the joyful, toothy grin plastered across the former Tercera’s face as she ran from the healer’s relentless pursuit.

“Y-You didn’t -huff- call me -wheeze- all the way out -huff huff—here just to play -cough- eternal tag all day, did you?” She asked, nearly breathless as she continued to chase the child. All the while, Nel’s bubbly, childlike laughter rang into the air.

Nel had always been proud of her stamina. Years and years of playing eternal tag with her brothers gave her less than a fair advantage over her companion. The latter mentioned she dragged through the city, receiving many confused and judgmental looks from the ‘normals’ inhabiting Karakura.  Apparently, a high school girl chasing frantically after what could only be assumed to be a small gust of wind was not a common sight to average people. Though, any of these average people could see that the hours of near continuous sprinting were taking a toll on the unfortunate girl trailing behind her.

Unfortunately, Nel’s depowered condition had left her less than average and unable to read the atmosphere. Which led to her chase delving into the modestly wooded area not far behind the city and farther still.

Eventually, she stops, scampering onto a mossy rock, cupping her hands and calling out a response to Orihime.

“Here! Nel’s over here!”

She crouches patiently on her perch, waiting for her friend to come into sight. Only to dart into the woods, cackling happily, the moment the redhead steps foot into the clearing.

“C’mon, Slow-poke! It’s just up ahead!”


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You risked your life to protect mine. Now I will return the favor.
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Name: Emily
Nickname: I don’t actually have one, or any.
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: October 2
Where you live: Southern United States
Nationality: American
Favorite music: Movie soundtracks
Favorite movie: Too many to choose!
Hobbies: Rping, sewing, drawing, baking
Who else do you rp?: Just Nelly!

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